"I discover who I am by REBELLING." - Erika Walker


The objective of Polished Rebel is to inspire women to grow pass their limitations with the help of fine yet affordable clothes. We thrive on that glo that a woman embodies once she receives the instant gratification of confidence that a well put together look can give. Hey, we know sometimes it has to start on the outside. So we aspire to bring that glo and confidence to every woman that will allow her to fearlessly face the world and be what she is destined to be.

The brains behind our brand Erika Walker, used that very method on herself. Dealing with a multitude of situations throughout life including, but far from limited to abandonment, abuse, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence etc., She found solace in escaping her real life whenever she could. Knowing that most people judge a book by its cover, her first line of defense was to always appear to the public that everything was up to par in her life even on her worst days.  This proved to be a task given the poverty stricken living arrangements she often had. However that just made her more creative, craftier and ultimately turned her into a classic dresser as the lack of funds left no space to keep up with trends. No matter what she had to repurpose, recreate, or redesign the goal was always obtained... "never look like what you are going through". 

These events led her to becoming a frequent adviser to many around her on life's challenges as well as fashion. This, tied into the fact that she grew tired of seeing women no longer dressing with that real woman essence that women once took pride in, she knew her method of coping could help other woman as well. With only a want to help other women know that they can always defy the odds and keep themselves together while doing it both literally and figuratively, in 2013 Polished Rebel was born. 

These days, Erika, like most women, can be found somewhere between her number 1 priority of mommie-ing & wife-ing, building her company and just plain flat out working. With that, being a Polished Rebel has also taken on a role of keeping women on the go on top of their style game easily.  

The Polished Rebel woman is an overcomer.  While she may encounter many challenges, she is only Polished by them and then she Rebels against what most typically believes those challenges would make her.  She fearlessly lives by her own rules because she knows that society doesn't dictate her destiny, she does. She does not go with the flow, she creates a flow. She is the designer of her life...and she does so gracefully, seamlessly and always with great style. #IamPolishedRebel