Having great clothing is one thing, knowing what to do with them is an entire other. Polished Rebel has launched its first styling service in efforts to help you maximize, refresh and remix your favorite pieces. These services are available regardless of the size of the piece or where it was purchased. So lets get you styled! Xo. 



You brought a piece that you love because it was super slay, but now that you have it, what to wear it with escapes you. This service is for you. Send a picture of what you have (it does not have to be purchased from Polished Rebel) and to your email I will send multiple ways to style your piece along with reference links to purchase those items that will complete your look. WALLAH! You're dressed to style perfection. 

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When you shop alone, you always wish you could have that honest friend there with you to tell you how  your new found pieces look on you. PR Style Party grants you that wish times however many more friends you want to invite.

Heres How It Works:

  • Schedule a party
  • Invite as many friends over as you like (Ten or more is preferred but not required)
  • Whip them up a meal and drinks (if you like)
  • Polished Rebel shows up with clothing for you to shop and build your new closet from
  • You, as the host will earn %15 (in merchandise) of the sales from the party.

Thats it! Now your closet is full of style, her closet it full of style, their closet is full of style, EVERYONES closet is full of Polished Rebel Style!...(Sorry, I got excited there and started channeling my inner Oprah. the idea of well styled closets will do that to you.)

So, be it at your home or a corporate event, Polshed Rebel is prepared to refresh everyones wardrobe. Email to schedule your party today.