Whether you need some style guidance for one piece of clothing or need a complete closet overhaul, PR has is here to serve you.  Polished Rebel has launched its styling services in efforts to help you maximize, refresh and remix your favorite pieces or we can shop for a completely different look. It is all up to you. So lets get you styled! Email to schedule services. Xo. 


Closet Conversion


Everyday is the same. You walk into your closet full of beautiful garments day after day, pieces that you maybe even shopped for hours for, only to feel frustrated because you can not figure out what to wear. When you finally do find something, it is the same outfit you always pair together. Ugh! The closet monster that leads to the style slump! I despise it! Its not you, I promise you its not. Even a person who considers themselves to not "be stylish" can be if their closet presents them with the correct options.  Generally, this daily delemma comes from a closet that just needs a little attention, editing and maybe a few additions. This is where I come in. This closet edit will allow you to live with a closet that is ridden of space consuming items while giving you MORE options and flexibility.  At the end of your conversion, you will have a closet with pieces that work for you  and are a no brainer to style in endless ways. If additions are needed, you will be given an error proof list of what you should shop for.


Style This


You brought a piece that you love because it was super slay, but now that you have it, what to wear it with escapes you. This service is for you. Send a picture of what you have (it does not have to be purchased from Polished Rebel) and to your email I will send multiple ways to style your piece along with reference links to purchase those items that will complete your look. WALLAH! You're dressed to style perfection. 


Personal Shopping

The goal is to have you feeling like a million bucks without you having to take the time out of you day or actually spend a million bucks to get there. Spend one-on-one time to learn shopping secrets that you can use after our time together. I make the experience easy and fun even for those who can't stand shopping. Broaden your wardrobe collection with unique finds that fit with your shape, budget and personality.

Closet Organization Baltimore

Closet Organization

Be it a two foot long closet or a massive walk in, every closet needs proper organization in the name of clarity, saving time, and saving money. No matter what size your closet is, at the end of this service, you will be left with a pretty to look at, well organized sanctuary for your garments.